Questions regarding the use of the PyCaret machine learning library

When I tried to train some thing in pycreat, I recived this error message:

from pycaret.regression import *
insurance = setup(data = df, target = ‘charges’, train_size = 0.7, data_split_shuffle=True, session_id = 2)


ValueError: Setting a random_state has no effect since shuffle is False. You should leave random_state to its default (None), or set shuffle=True

I tried the answers on this stackoverflow question, and created a new environment in anaconda, which used pip install pycaret[full] , and added nothing else to the environment, but it still doesn’t work and the error remains the same.

I appreciate this may be a bit basic, but the error doesn’t make sense to me, based on what I have done. Thanks for your time.

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I have come across this issue before, it is always some library issue, mine worked on Colab: Google Colab

I have pycaret==2.3.6, and numpy==1.19.5